Video Celebrating Hope’s Wonderful Life

8 thoughts on “Video Celebrating Hope’s Wonderful Life

  1. So beautiful… Sending peace, love, and grace to everyone heartbroken and mourning such a beautiful little soul. Especially the two who brought her in to this world for the rest of us to love and cherish. Holding you both in my heart.


  2. I cried during Hope’s videos, but felt comfort in The Burning Mans video! May you all feel the comfort, love and prayers during this difficult time. I hope you will leave this site up so we can view it as needed…I love you all, and hope to continue to build a friendship in your future journey in life on earth 💞


  3. Thank you for sharing Hope with the world. Hope, John and Tess you all have been an inspiration to me and Jay since we found out you were pregnant with Hope. Although you both have had a loss that I can’t imagine. I have had my own battles with life raising a granddaughter. Now a days I say I wouldn’t have it any other way, but looking back, I would. I would love for Jay to be my granddaughter that I could spoil. You all would love to have Hope as a healthy child. Either way, we should be great full for what we have been given!
    Thank you for sharing your raw emotions and Hopes journey.
    It has mad me a better person for sure!
    Prayers love and peace for you all 💞


  4. Dear Tess and John, thank you for sharing precious Hope with each of us. She will forever be imprinted in our hearts! Words cannot express the sorrow of your loss but know that we are here for you always!


  5. What an incredibly beautiful remembrance of a precious little angel who was taken way too soon! So many wonderful memories in such a short period of time. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Hope had such an adorable laugh and such a contagious smile. Hope’s legacy will forever inspire us! My deepest sympathy for your loss! Tess and John you are in my continual prayers. May God bless you and bring you peace. Lots of love and hugs to you and your entire family! Heaven has the sweetest little angel …. HOPE!!!!!


  6. John and Tess,

    There are no words adequate enough to describe the love shown in this video capsule of Hope’s too short life. Somehow, tubes and all, you managed to squeeze a lifetime of love into the miniscule span of her life here on earth.. To see such loving devotion to your little girl makes me weep with joy that God gave her to you two. As evidenced in this video, you innately knew how to love her ‘enough’ and her smiles reflect that love. A love that we pray God will enable you to share with more children. Hope was a blessing in the lives of all associated with her and the songs chosen for this video are perfect. We will never forget Hope – ever! She has changed the hearts of all who know your story – maybe that was God’s intent all along.

    To ALL your family members, we send so much admiration and love and we’re in awe of whoever put this video together. Thank you for sharing Hope with us.


  7. Tess and John, Thanks for sharing. Hope is gone, but will be remembered in our hearts forever. My heart goes out to you and John in your time of sorrow. Thanks for sharing Hope with us.


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