When Do We Sleep Again?

My, oh my, has it been a while since our last update! You all probably (accurately) predicted it would be so. First time parents taking home their medically fragile baby: cue the almost predictable flurry of days that blur together in a haze of exhaustion, sleep deprivation, anxiety, visits to the hospital, calls to the […]

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Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing

Today’s post is going to be a double serving of the real thing.  Recently, two things came my way that have moved me to share a different kind of post today – something that is less of an update on Hope and more of a raw peek behind the Sansbury-curtain on what this journey has […]

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ain’t nuthin but a g- tube

Hope needs this onesie like now. ain’t nuthin’ but a g-tube baaaby. No – we literally did nothing but get this g-tube this week 🙂 We spent every day at the hospital without intending to do so, but the payoff is huge progress.  We made it in for the surgery and it went off without […]

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Just When I Thought I Was Out…

They pull me back in!!!! Take a good look at this yellow tube on my face because after my surgery tomorrow these sweet cheeks will be naked and tape + tube – free. We are indeed heading back to the hospital for a short in-patient stay. For the last few months the Transplant Team has […]

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This Must Be A Dream

Wow. We came home! Can you believe it? I’m not sure John and I believe it yet! The last few days have been exciting, exhausting, surreal and blissful. We arrived home late Tuesday evening and it looked like a bomb exploded in our house as we brought everything in from the hospital. It was then […]

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We are Home!

That. Is. All. Ragnus – we miss you already!!!! Advertisements

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The Wrong Kind of One-percenters

There’s a secret part of all of us, and not so secret for some, that wishes they were part of that elite one-percenter club. Those ~34k affluent families enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. We are not that kind of one-percenter (to the shock of no one who knows us). We’re in an even MORE exclusive club […]

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