We Got A Heart!

Update 7:33 am

Hope has successfully pulled through the transplant operation. She’s still getting wrapped up to leave the OR, so it will probably be a few hours before we can see her, but after one long night, this is our first victory! Now, prayer & good vibes warriors, we just have to ask for help for Hope’s body to fight acute rejection. We can’t wait to share more details and pictures once we know them. TTFN

Update 11:33

Hope is close to being put on bypass. The donor heart is en route. Every update is a rollercoaster of bittersweet sorrow and excitement all mixed together. If you are still awake, please say a prayer and send your love to the family that suffered heartbreak tonight and in the midst of this unimaginable heartbreak chose to make one more selfless decision that saved a number of babies’ lives. May God Bless them for giving the gift of life to so many families and may he comfort them in their days ahead. We certainly hope to one day share our story of gratitude and thanks with them.

Update: 8:05

Hope is in the OR and just went under anesthesia. The Heart is still not onsite. We have been told she won’t be out of the OR until between 3-5 am tomorrow morning. We’re settling in with lots of caffeine on board!

Original post:

Who’s got a big flower on her head an offer for a heart?


We have a very long day ahead of us and nothing is final until the team from CCHMC lays eyes on the organ and confirms it is suitable for transplantation. We will update here as often as we get new news!!! Prayers and good vibes for a heart for Hope are so needed now!

27 thoughts on “We Got A Heart!

  1. Ohmygosh! There are not enough excited words for this! Lots of prayers for Hope, and you and your heart team. And for the generous family who has given you this precious gift.


  2. Ooooh goodness what great news for your family!!!! Prayers, good vibes, & positive energy that the transplant goes well & keeps her as healthy as long as possible! #teamhope


  3. Gratefulness tinged with sadness..and continuing prayers for little Hope to endure yet another surgery. She has been in God’s hands all along and we pray also, fervently, for the family who has donated this tiny heart. May they be comforted…


  4. What’s a little heart transplant surgery for a girl as tough as Hope. All will be well. Prayers and love for all three of you.


  5. Dad & I were with our ” Thursday night peeps” when we got the news. Fervent prayers from all. Hope has such a spunky little spirit . Angels are sure watching over your family. Prayers of solace for the family that list their little one today. What a gift they gave to do many. All our love, Mom & Dad


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