P.S. Forever Thankful

On a more serious note, I’m sure many of you are craving, just like we are, more details about the origin of Hope’s donor heart. We are given extremely little information about the donor out of respect for the grieving family. We don’t know how old the child was, the sex of the child, the […]

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No More Achy Breaky Heart

Hope finally ditched her achy, breaky heart in the wee hours of Monday morning. The surgery team literally tossed her old heart in a bucket and sent it down to pathology where it will be studied and go in a library of other baby hearts – kind of creepy, but cool! Her anesthesiologist told us […]

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We Got A Heart!

Update 7:33 am Hope has successfully pulled through the transplant operation. She’s still getting wrapped up to leave the OR, so it will probably be a few hours before we can see her, but after one long night, this is our first victory! Now, prayer & good vibes warriors, we just have to ask for […]

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Much Deserved R ‘n R

Hope had a quiet day getting some much deserved R ‘n R while Mom worked and Dad hit the books. But not before we donned our costumes to match Little Hope’s Tin Man from Sunday. Hope is going to spend a few days still intubated and heavily sedated to help aid her recovery so we […]

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Glenn Updates

7:00 pm Update We finally got to see her!  Surgery went well.  Considering her rocky course leading up to the Glenn, they are going to proceed with more caution than typical to let Hope show us how much support she needs in a safe way.  They may extubate her in the next few days, but […]

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If I Only Had a Heart

Hope’s resting up for her big day tomorrow. Mom & Dad dressed her up as the Tin Man for pre-Halloween pictures, since the day of Halloween she’ll be a little immobile due to her post-op jewelry (chest tubes, arterial lines, etc). So we figured better a little early than miss the Tin Man altogether! Dad […]

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