Ho, Ho, Hope!

The last week and a half have been quite a roller coaster with Hope. Our last glimmer of hope of coming home for Christmas was dashed as Hope continued to have runs of a-tachycardia, which she needed to be treated with an IV anti-arrhythmia med that can only be administered in the CICU. So we […]

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Getting to the Step Down: Take Two

It was not all that long after transplant that the CICU started throwing the words “step-down unit” around sending both John and Hope into a panic. Hope went from possibly going to the step-down unit last Monday to buying herself another week in the CICU with atrial tachycardia. We progressed through beta-blockers (esmelol, propranolol) and […]

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P.S. Forever Thankful

On a more serious note, I’m sure many of you are craving, just like we are, more details about the origin of Hope’s donor heart. We are given extremely little information about the donor out of respect for the grieving family. We don’t know how old the child was, the sex of the child, the […]

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