Attack of the Virus Vol. 2

We are starting to think Hope doesn’t want to go to the lake. It seems that she gets stricken with some virus every time we try to go down. We had planned on spending a whole week at the lake relaxing and boating with our babe, but Miss Hope decided that was not going to […]

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Celebrating a Magical Year

Has it really been a whole year? John and I can’t believe it! We’ve only been home with her since January so we don’t feel ready for her to turn one and yet we couldn’t be more excited to have made it to this Magical Milestone! We feel like we really share this day with […]

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Attack of the Virus vol. 1

We spent the better part of the winter hibernating with Hope in an attempt to delay her first battle with illness with a suppressed immune system.  It largely worked, outside of our hug-flu scare.  We spent a wonderful weekend at the lake with family.  We were so careful, but despite our best efforts Hope managed […]

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Joyful Expectation

Spring is full of firsts: first hike, first lake trip, first St. Patty’s day, first Easter – all fun times and lots of missed photo ops!  We had some pretty cute St. Patty’s day outfits picked out, but Hope got a little excited and had a blowout before the camera could snap up a shot […]

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When Do We Sleep Again?

My, oh my, has it been a while since our last update! You all probably (accurately) predicted it would be so. First time parents taking home their medically fragile baby: cue the almost predictable flurry of days that blur together in a haze of exhaustion, sleep deprivation, anxiety, visits to the hospital, calls to the […]

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ain’t nuthin but a g- tube

Hope needs this onesie like now. ain’t nuthin’ but a g-tube baaaby. No – we literally did nothing but get this g-tube this week 🙂 We spent every day at the hospital without intending to do so, but the payoff is huge progress.  We made it in for the surgery and it went off without […]

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This Must Be A Dream

Wow. We came home! Can you believe it? I’m not sure John and I believe it yet! The last few days have been exciting, exhausting, surreal and blissful. We arrived home late Tuesday evening and it looked like a bomb exploded in our house as we brought everything in from the hospital. It was then […]

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